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Meet Our Team


Marc Duvin

Legal and Business Consultant

Marc Duvin graduated from Dartmouth College in 1987, and joined the Ohio and Texas bars since graduating with honors from Southern Methodist University in 1990. In addition to practicing law, Marc is a business owner and entrepreneur who has operated and participated in successful businesses at all levels. In 2013, in pursuit of a Masters of Law specializing in Healthcare, Marc began an intensive study of healthcare law at Cleveland Marshall College of Law. Marc successfully completed all course work, garnering the Healthcare Student of the Year Award in 2014, and will formally receive his LL.M. upon completion and acceptance of his thesis. Marc's ultimate goal is to focus on Charak's varied business and legal issues so Charak's talented doctors and clinicians can focus on helping Charak's clients.


Janet Tomasek

Billing Manager

Janet is a Mayfield High School graduate and attended Bowling Green State University.  She has been in the medical field of billing for the last 34 years, and in the behavioral health field for over 19 years. Currently, she supervises and manages the billing department at Charak Center.


Teri Bowers

Billing Assistant

Teri graduated from Terryville High School in Connecticut and attended Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. She has worked in the medical/billing field for 31 years in occupational therapy, pediatrics, and the last 9 years in behavioral health.  Currently, Teri assists Janet in the billing department at Charak Center.


Susan Lehman

Credentials Coordinator

Susan has worked with Charak Center for over eight years. She has served in several different capacities at three of the five practice locations. Currently, Susan is working as the Credentialing Coordinator in the Credentialing Department.


Sherrie Robinson

Credentials Coordinator

Sherrie is a Norton High School graduate certified in Information Processing II from Adult Vocational Services in Akron, Ohio. She has worked over 20 years in the field of mental health, and has over 19 years experience in credentialing. Sherrie enjoys her work and finds her position to be very rewarding at Charak Center. The experience and knowledge she has acquired over the years working with Dr. Ranjan is irreplaceable.


Sudha Kanodia

Administrative Assistant

Sudha received her BSC in Science while living in India before relocating to Ohio. She began working at Charak Center in 2015, and is passionate about helping people. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Sudha loves to cook, do yoga, go for walks, and enjoys gardening.


Emmett Coleman

IT Coordinator

Emmett was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. He served proudly in the United States Marine Corps. Emmett is an experienced server administrator, and has an extensive background in SQL, PHP, Javascript, and WSH programming languages.


Oren Hargrove

Safety & Maintenance Manager


Sarah Frigy

TRD Program Coordinator


Sujay Sheth

HR Coordinator


Liliya Veremiy

Executive Assistant


Matthew Schomisch

Marketing Assistant

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