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Mentorship Program

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Dr. Ranjan with our 2021 Program Students

Charak Center for Health and Wellness’ mentorship program educates students in mental health and substance abuse.  Our goal is to help them grow with knowledge and real-world experience.

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To learn more, call: 1-855 4CHARAK (1.855.424.2725)

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Students work alongside Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, renowned psychiatrist, entrepreneur, researcher, author and public speaker.   Dr. Rajan applies varying techniques and methodologies directing students towards greater skill, confidence and experience as they embark on their chosen career path.

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Guiding Our Future Providers

At Charak, we are passionate about instructing the medical providers of tomorrow.  We feel a great sense of pride and responsibility when we help students gain the real-world experience needed to further their careers.

Who is a Good Fit?

Nurse Practitioners (NPs)  & Physician’s Assistants (PAs)

Students on paths to nurse practitioners,  physician’s assistants, psychologists, and psychiatrists, will find this experience to be especially relevant.  Program participants will receive real world experience as they are given the opportunity to shadow professionals and interact with patients.

The Charak Center for Health and Wellness takes special pride in mentoring students  throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia.

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If you are interested in learning more about the mentorship program, please call our intake line: 1-855 4CHARAK (1.855.424.2725)

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