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Mental Health Day Treatment

Eligible Medicaid clients can enroll in Charak Center for Health & Wellness Mental Health Day Treatment (also known as our Journey program). Discuss this with your physician or therapist if you will benefit from this members group. Mental Health Day Treatment is a learning/therapy group which helps with the challenges which develop due to mental health issues. We learn about the brain diagnosis, medication management, coping and psychosocial skills in a fun, supportive, therapeutic environment. Learning to navigate the journey back to wellness are our main goals.

Day Treatment members are provided transportation to and from the program. Lunch is not provided (But! We provide healthy snacks throughout the day) so it is welcome for members to bring their own lunch, or, they have the choice to purchase a lunch within the local area. The program is open 10AM to 2PM Monday thru Friday.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We will walk with you as your begin your road to recovery.


Some "wish sticks" and "clouds of hope and dreams" made by the Day Treatment clients! More art projects like these are used to help you on your journey to a more positive life.

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