Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer to assist individuals
struggling with addiction?

The Charak Center for Health and Wellness offers a therapy and a pharmacological treatment protocol that includes Suboxone and Vivitrol to assist opiate and alcohol dependent men and women with their recovery. The program involves 5 days of treatment and up to  16 weeks of group therapy depending on the individual and their needs.

What happens if I fail my drug test?

While we understand that our patients are doing their best, they must adhere to the contract that they sign in order to be successful.

What is the CCHW Serenity program and who does it help?

If you are struggling with mental health or addiction, and have tried everything to find relief, then this program is for you. Participants receive a comprehensive assessment and evaluation looking closely at psychotropic medications, counseling, substance abuse, and put together a plan for success tailored to your specific needs.