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Case Management


our role

Here at Charak Center for Health and Wellness, we strive to bring our clients the highest quality of care. As part of that care, we provide our clients with the option of joining our Case Management program. Case managers assist clients with managing their lives and their unique needs, whether it's assistance getting to a doctors appointment learning basic coping skills through a mental illness, or assistance linking to a community resource, they are there to help and provide hope.

why case management?

We uphold a high standard of customer service, working tirelessly to get you the help you need - whatever it may be.


Our case managers use an assessment tool during your initial visit to determine the best course of action to help you. Housing, food, benefits, daily living skills, and transportation are areas case managers can help with, just to name a few.


we offer case management at ALL of our 5 offices. We are available at all times to assist you in addition to having access to community resources at each site.

still not sure if case management is for you? 

  • Are you struggling financially?

  • Are you going days without food?

  • Is your support system limited?

  • Is daily functioning a problem?

  • Is it hard to find a job?

  • Do you need reliable transportation?

  • Are you trying to find a place to live?

  • Are you looking fora counselor? Are you struggling with drug addiction?


If you answered "yes" to any of those questions - contact us and we will gladly help you!

how we work + how we can help you



You can ask about case management or request to see a case manager at any time. If you struggle with chemical or alcohol dependency, we have specific case managers to help you.



After we have thoroughly assessed your situation, we will assist you in identifying a path to achieve your goals. Once goals are identified, your case manager will be there to provide any assistance you require



A case managers role is to bring you hope. We're here to help you achieve your goals and provide the support you need!