Programs & Services

Mental Health ServicesThese include diagnostic assessments, therapy, counseling, psychiatric counseling, medication management, and more. Our mission is not only to identify mental health issues, but to provide a comprehensive plan of care for each client that addresses root causes, symptom treatment, medication management and long term controls and goals.

Addiction and RecoveryA group of seasoned addiction treatment professionals use a customized approach to assist individuals achieve abstinence and recovery. This includes IOP, Suboxone, Vivitrol, and SUD PHP Programs.

Case ManagementThis service is especially valuable to those afflicted with severe mental ailments resulting in compromised daily functioning.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): An advanced, non-invasive brain stimulation treatment for those suffering from severe depression who have not responded well to medications. TMS treatment begins to work immediately on the brain, as magnetic pulses stimulate the neurotransmitters that control mood, making long-term remission possible. 

Individual, Couples & Family Counseling: For children, adolescents, adults, and elderly.​​

Serenity: Comprehensive, psychiatric, and psychological evaluation. This evaluation will focus particularly on psychopathology which render an individual more liable to engage in violent and/or abusive behavior.

Psychological Testing: These tests admitted by highly trained psychologists, often help clarify diagnostic personality and competency issues. These may be particularly helpful in child custody/guardianship cases.

Mental Health Day Treatment:  An outpatient hospitalization program that provides services that provides daily, structured programs of therapy. It is designed for individuals with a psychiatric illness who need more support than what can be provided through periodic visits with a therapist alone.

Bariatric Surgery Evaluation: Psychological tests measure and evaluate people who are planning to have bariatric surgery. Tests are supervised and administered by licensed psychologists. Includes at minimum a diagnostic interview and an objective psychological testing measure.

Independent Medical Evaluation: Some of our physicians and licensed psychologists complete diagnostic interviews for people who are applying for disability or workers compensation benefits.

Pain Management Evaluations: Psychological test measures are used to evaluate questions and concerns about someone's level of pain and treatment options. Tests are administered or supervised by psychologists. Includes at minimum a diagnostic interview and an objective psychological testing measure.

The Bridge Program: Provides continual care and Suboxone/Vivitrol treatment for clients discharged from a detox facility. Case Managers pick up clients on the same day of discharge and bring them to the closest Charak office for immediate outpatient treatment. These clients also participate in IOP or SUD PHP.

SUD PHP: Our newest program for addiction clients who have had previous failed attempts at sobriety. It is our highest level of care and support for clients struggling with maintained sobriety.  We make sure the client is engulfed in support, including family support, as much as possible.  Once we feel the client is on the right track, we will move them down to the Intensive Outpatient Program to continue group and individual therapy. Our Substance Use Disorder/Partial-Hospitalization Program is 5 days a week, 1:30-5:30pm. 

Transportation: Charak Center for Health and Wellness offers door to door transportation services to patient who are insured by Medicaid.