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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can fill all active prescriptions for our patients.

Can anyone fill prescriptions through
the CCHW Pharmacy?

Can I have all of my prescriptions filled through the CCHW pharmacy?

NO. We can only fill prescriptions for our CCHW patients at this time.

Can I have my prescriptions delivered to my home?

Yes. We provide prescription delivery directly to you home. Our delivery technicians practice safe, no touch delivery utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE), so that you don’t have to worry or leave your home. Telehealth is also available for therapy purposes, should you want to meet a provider without the need to leave your home.

What does the CCHW Pharmacy provide other than prescriptions?

The CCHW pharmacy also has a full line of vitamins, hand sanitizer, PPE products, over the counter smoking cessation products, and so much more. Our patients receive discounts on prescriptions and over the counter items. Just give them a call at 216.504.3646 for more information.

What is medication therapy management (MTM)?

MTM is a part of our behavioral health services that optimizes therapeutic outcomes for patients by performing a comprehensive medication review to identify, resolve, and prevent problems associated with medications, including adverse drug events. MTM helps patients resolve problems related to their medical care and to meet specific health goals. A plan is then developed to meet your goals.

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