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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for children or adolescents?

My teens personality seems to have changed overnight, and I’m getting worried. What should I do?

If your teen suddenly stops eating and is making excuses not to be present during family meals, there may be cause for concern. A lack of appetite may be due to many things including stress and depression, body image, or pressure due to sports. Our trained professionals can identify if your teen’s reduced appetite could be a signal that something more is going on. Give us a call and let us provide a thorough assessment.

My teen doesn’t seem to be eating and has lost weight? Should I be worried about an eating disorder?

At the Charak Center, we understand that raising children today is more difficult than ever before. One out of every five children experience a mental disorder in a given year. Behavioral disorders are increasing, anxiety, ADHD, and depression are at all times highs, and body image and substance use disorders are also on the rise. We can help with innovative solutions that are quick and effective, and our team of trained professionals can provide the guidance you need to get your child back on track.

While teens tend to be moody due to many factors including hormonal changes, a parent should always take severe mood changes seriously. Seeing one of our trained counselors is an excellent first step to gauge what is going on. Sometimes it takes an outside influence for a teen to open up. There are so many factors that can influence mental health. Give us a call and let us determine exactly what is going on with your teen.

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