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Serenity Program

Serenity is a program that is part of the behavioral health services we offer at our mental health clinics. The participants in the program will receive the following assessments/evaluations:

  1. Comprehensive, psychiatric, and psychological evaluation. This evaluation will focus particularly on psychopathology which render an individual more liable to engage in violent and/or abusive behavior.

  2. Comprehensive substance abuse evaluation. This will be concentrated on interplay between substance abuse behaviors and psychopathology

  3. Comprehensive personality testing. This part of the evaluation will focus on certain personality traits which may be risk factors for violent and/or abusive behaviors.

  4. A comprehensive medical evaluation including lab work. This evaluation will strive to detect evidence of performance enhancing substances, history of head injury, post-concussion syndrome, etc.


The treatment program will consist of the following:

  1. Psychotropic medications as and if needed to treat psychopathology.

  2. Structured counseling program utilizing mostly CBT and DBT modalities.

  3. The counseling program will also focus on personality traits

  4. Substance abuse counseling to address pertinent issues especially use of performance enhancing substances.

  5.  Medical interventions if and when needed

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