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Structured process, urine test, meet with nurse, blood pressure, ekg then PA assessment -- excellent PA -- Shalini -- very thorough, picked up on key issues quickly -- have seen at least 4 counselors over the course of my life and she is by far the best!

- Margaret K.



When my son had some issues Dr Ranjan accepted him right away although he has a big case load. Dr. Davis was placed as the councilor and quickly a treatment plan was set up that is working really good. Everything is back to normal and my child is feeling so much better about everything. Both Dr's have provided concern for our matter and care for a better direction for the future. I would recommend Charak Center to anyone at any age.

- Melissa L.



Charak Center has been a big help to me. I have had a lot of issues and with each one, I got them solved through using Charak services. The case managers are great! They have helped me with everything from medications to home problems. Since I've been with Charak, every major problem that I have had, they've fixed. A hearty "Thank You" to Ms. Newborn, she's a Godsend! Thank you Charak for helping me with my challenges.

- Harold B.



The doctors here are awesome. They are very thorough in their practice and diagnosis and take care of their patients well. My doctor is so good that he goes out of the way to make sure I am doing well any time of the day or night. The psychologists are very good too. Would definitely recommend this clinic to those dealing with mental illness. And remember, no matter what the society may say, mental illness stigma is just that- a stigma. It doesn’t define you. So don’t be afraid. See a psychiatrist and get treated and feel better!

- NK



I believe Erik is an asset to Charak all around. He is always prompt but most importantly he is kind. He treats us like people, not addicts. He always asks how I am doing and I feel as if he really cares. Charak could definitely stand to have more employees like him.

- Erik M.



I have been with Charak Center for years and have had many good experiences. Everyone has always helpful to me when it counted and I have never been ignored when I was in need of any services. They help me get my medications and even make sure I have a way to get the things that I need at home. The Case Managers are First Class! They have gone the extra mile to accommodate me with any problems that I have had. I appreciate Charak services.

- Louis    M.



Charak center of Medina has been wonderful to me they have helped me out a lot, especially since my ill mother passed earlier this year. Caitlin my case manager makes sure I have the necessities I need such as food and shelter and making sure I’m paying my bills and keeping updated on my finances making sure I’m taking my medication. Dr Davis has helped with my mother’s passing and family issues. Kaleena has made sure I’m feeling okay and dealing with my anxiety. I highly appreciate everyone’s help from Charak Center!

- David S.



I like Charak. They have helped me through some tough times. Their Case Managers are especially there for me when I need them. I like the staff members as well. I can't imagine not having them help me when I really need it. Thank You.

- Veronica R.



This place has saved my life. They cover all areas at one facility. I have been going there for 3 years and would highly recomend them. If you are willing and ready to receive help... They are there to help you with your journey.

- Erica   H.



I finally convinced my mother to see a new doctor after 23 years of total chaos at her previous place. Watching my mother struggle with Mental Health whilst working in this industry has been gut wrenching. Her doctor decided to take her off of all her psych meds and she was completely suicidal. She was defeated. I felt like I had lost her. We found a place closer to her home and she finally got an appointment to go. Today she called me to tell me about it and I could not have been happier.hearing the joy in her voice.... I’ve not heard that in regards to herself in 33 years. They put her back on her medication that she needs to function. She is so positive and radiant. She is excited that they hold group sessions for Panic Disorder. At 63 years old, she had never gotten to feel this way. She’s hopeful. So I would like to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for giving my mother the opportunity at life. Thank you for hearing her when she needed heard. Thank you for everything. She’s missed out on so much and now she has been given life.

- Amanda A.



With this crazy time, all staff is doing an amazing job. Including my case manager Emma! I applaud her for her doing a even more amazing service to me!

- Kelly W.



My case manager has kept together my life by not just as my case manager but as a friend. She has shown me so much support for me and made so many sacrifices to help me maintain on level ground. All of my 14 mental health visits were relaxing because Elisa took care of my most important needs on the outside. We have traveled miles together and every time I wanted to fall and give up because of being homeless for almost 16 months straight, she would push me and keep me positive. To have someone not judge you but rather support you is hard to find. She also has been there getting me food from Pantry's and also clothing. Many appointments were made for me because either or couldn't or I forgot, yet she always kept my best interest in mind. She will always be a friend no matter what. Her confidence and kindness sure shows in every way.

- Jonathan S.

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